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not my peak

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The background story

Well, long story short: the last couple of years had been tough. I got fat, developed a bunch of unhealthy habits, and lost track of what I really want. I will talk about this later.

For the last weeks, I've been thinking about my past a lot. Did I already peak in life? - At some point I was really into fitness and a healthy lifestyle, read many books, had long-term goals and I had great perspectives regarding my profession. Everything has changed and the thought that I already peaked with my 28 years was shocking to me, not gonna lie. Some sort of 'wake-up call' for me.

You might ask yourself: is it even bad to have peaked? In my opinion: it depends on the situation. I would call myself young, and having peaked in my early twenties sounds terrifying to me. It is totally fine if someone feels different.

What I want to change

Where should I start? - I think the main priority for my will be my health. Lose some weight, do more sport, eat and drink less shit. Sounds easy, but it won't be. In fact, it will suck. I will avoid fast food and soft drinks and go for a daily walk/ workout. Not perfect, but a beginning.

The other big topic is: how do I spend my time? - I have the feeling I've been wasting too much time on useless stuff and I want to change that. Starting new hobbies, reading and writing more, and like, productive stuff that I enjoy more than wasting time playing video games. At least for me, it is fairly difficult to work on a plan here since I want to do so many things. Working on my priorities is one of my goals for the next couple of weeks.

I've got many ideas, but I have to work on them. I plan to keep you guys updated in my weekly blog posts. Remember: one of my goals is to write more.

There is so much more I want to write about, but I think it is a great start. More information can be found here: /notmypeak - not yet, but in the future :)

I wish you all well.


Recap Week 22 - 2021

First one.

I want to write more, so I've decided to write a weekly recap about my week. I'm getting some practice and have some kind of journal for the future. Not sure about the content and structure yet, but time will tell.



  • /stream homepage is online
  • Got a simple command bot running on stream! Still work in progress. Info + server setup (Debian, nginx, uwsgi)
  • Created a pomodoro timer for stream Source
  • added a bunch of emotes
  • 'Current playing' display for songs -> blog post with explanation follows

IT stuff:

  • rooted my phone. Was a pain to do, and will never do it again!


  • Regex. It is like magic. Have to work more with it to understand it fully.
  • Time/Dates. Pain in the ass. Worked out in the end, but should be easier....

Plans for next week

  • hardening servers
  • more features for the bot
  • more blog posts
  • create a 'open notes' section for IT and coding stuff
  • reading list/ lift of TIL


As I mentioned before I am noy yet sure what kind of topics I will write about, but feel free to stay around. For next week I'will try to get more in detail for each point in combination with my 'open notes' idea. We will see, how this will work out.


Fresh start

I've decided to restructure my homepage. My initial plan was to create my own static-stie generator and implement new features all on my own. Great goal, but I don't think that this should be my approach for this blog. My main focus should be on writing more blog posts. With that said, I've decided to use 'Nikola' as my static-site generator and start over.

I am not sure where but I somewhere mentioned that I am going to try to post daily and write about the progress I make on this given day. These might be posts about my progress, some ideas, some personal stuff, or a mixture of all the above-mentioned.

What you can expect

The plan is to have various reoccurring segments in every blog post. TIL, new bookmarks, progress on X, habit tracker, and some other (hopefully) interesting stuff. Since I am not very creative, I might go with a random name scheme for my blog posts. Fuck SEO. There will be different categories. Those daily updates e.x. will be called 'dailies', normal blog posts will be simply called 'blogposts', and so on. We will see


... will be the first day I track my progress. It won't be perfect, but it will develop and I try to improve it over time.

Feel free to follow my RSS feed. I probably won't share every blog post on social media, but we will see.