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Recap Week 22 - 2021

First one.

I want to write more, so I've decided to write a weekly recap about my week. I'm getting some practice and have some kind of journal for the future. Not sure about the content and structure yet, but time will tell.



  • /stream homepage is online
  • Got a simple command bot running on stream! Still work in progress. Info + server setup (Debian, nginx, uwsgi)
  • Created a pomodoro timer for stream Source
  • added a bunch of emotes
  • 'Current playing' display for songs -> blog post with explanation follows

IT stuff:

  • rooted my phone. Was a pain to do, and will never do it again!


  • Regex. It is like magic. Have to work more with it to understand it fully.
  • Time/Dates. Pain in the ass. Worked out in the end, but should be easier....

Plans for next week

  • hardening servers
  • more features for the bot
  • more blog posts
  • create a 'open notes' section for IT and coding stuff
  • reading list/ lift of TIL


As I mentioned before I am noy yet sure what kind of topics I will write about, but feel free to stay around. For next week I'will try to get more in detail for each point in combination with my 'open notes' idea. We will see, how this will work out.