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Fresh start

I've decided to restructure my homepage. My initial plan was to create my own static-stie generator and implement new features all on my own. Great goal, but I don't think that this should be my approach for this blog. My main focus should be on writing more blog posts. With that said, I've decided to use 'Nikola' as my static-site generator and start over.

I am not sure where but I somewhere mentioned that I am going to try to post daily and write about the progress I make on this given day. These might be posts about my progress, some ideas, some personal stuff, or a mixture of all the above-mentioned.

What you can expect

The plan is to have various reoccurring segments in every blog post. TIL, new bookmarks, progress on X, habit tracker, and some other (hopefully) interesting stuff. Since I am not very creative, I might go with a random name scheme for my blog posts. Fuck SEO. There will be different categories. Those daily updates e.x. will be called 'dailies', normal blog posts will be simply called 'blogposts', and so on. We will see


... will be the first day I track my progress. It won't be perfect, but it will develop and I try to improve it over time.

Feel free to follow my RSS feed. I probably won't share every blog post on social media, but we will see.